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Young Professional
Money & Life Coaching 

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Today, young professionals are seeking Financial Planning earlier in their careers but often times are turned away because financial advisors are focused on asset management. At Coreplus Advisory, we believe that having a solid financial foundation sets you up for long-term success, and we want to be your partner from the beginning. Offering you a cost effective way to plan and manage your finances is something we are very passionate about. For RM2600/year, we will meet with you and help you with the following:


Personality Profiling

Return On Life Assessment

Goal Setting

Cash Flow & Budgeting

Debt-Reduction Best Practices

Improving Your Credit Score

Investment Basics (Because it is Never too Early to Start Planning!)

  • Risk tolerance

  • Savings and investing plan

  • Private Retirement Scheme

  • Selecting the investments portfolio for your specific major life transition accounts

Estate Planning

  • Will and trust planning​

Insurance Consultation

  • Disability & Critical illness

  • Life Insurance

  • Medical & hospitalisation​

Monthly Coaching Call


As young professional, you may have a plan for your money, but do you have a plan for your life? What will you do with the money you earn?


Money & Life Planning sets your Financial goals on a clear path. It helps you determine how much you need, what you need it for and clarifies how much is enough.


It is your interpretation of what you want your life to look like, what your goals, dreams and aspirations are. Once you know what your life goals are, you can decide how to invest your money to enable your vision.


In this way, your money starts working for you. And money means something; a means of achieving the vision you have for your life.

Your Journey to Financial Freedom Starts Today!

To get started, Book your 45 minutes complimentary consultation NOW.

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