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New Retirementality Coaching

Plan for an epic retirement, not just an average retirement.


I am a firm believer in planning for your life first, before you can plan for your money. Working in the retirement sector, I often meet clients who are sorely disappointed with the way their retirement years turned out. Although their money is well looked after and they have more than enough to retire on, they feel completely detached from their money – and their lives. They have never considered what their lives will look like in retirement and what they will do with their time!

New Retirementality Coaching guides you in a detailed process of what you want to be, do, and have in your life. We put actual, practical steps in place to help your dreams come to fruition.


The process of retirement planning involves much more than simply checking off a box saying you have money in an account designated for the day you turn 60. That’s why we offer more than just advice on managing your retirement account; we truly coach you on how to actively prepare for your years in retirement. We help you think about your lifestyle and the things you’d like to be involved in when you have more time. Retirement is an exciting, major life transition, and you’ll need to be prepared in more ways than one. Chances are, your work brings a lot of meaning and fulfillment to you, so how will you find balance and meaning when you aren’t at your 9-5 any longer?


When it comes to retirement planning, you cannot undo not having effectively planned for it.


In New Retirementality Coaching, we will help you with the following:

  • Your Personality Profiling

  • What is your Return On Life

  • Four Cornerstones of The New Retirementality

  • Lifestyle & Purpose

  • Tracking expenses

  • Income Security

  • Health & Care 

  • Wealth Preservation

  • Wealth Distribution & Estate Planning

Retirement can be the best time of your life. With thoughtful planning, you can enjoy your retirement years and get the best life possible with the money you have.

Bring the future into the present to that you can do something about it now


To get started, Book your 45 minutes complimentary consultation NOW.

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